Part of a series of animal + girl paintings I'm working on🐺🌙✨

I recently read Picture This by Molly Bang, and it really opened my eyes to how much can be communicated through the use of shapes, lines, and colors. For example: triangles can give a sense of stability and vitality (among lots of other things), diagonals imply motion, and entities with similar colors are seen as being associated/connected. 

I tried to incorporate some of what I learned into this piece😊 A great read for anyone interested in how pictures work!

“Night Light”
Blue Dot Sessions


Moulin du Roy Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 300gsm

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set

Escoda Perla Toray White Synthetic Round Brush
Raphaël Kolinsky Red Sable Fine Pointed Round Brush
Princeton Neptune Oval Wash