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There once was a young girl and her cat. They had known each other for as long as they could remember...

A young girl and her beloved cat go on a journey that teaches them about life and love. Their story is deeply engaging and entertaining for both children and grown ups. It is full of fun and adventure and leaves you wiser and happier. You will want to share this book with others and pass it down to future generations. It also makes a great and special gift.

About the Author
Gordon Synn is a storyteller. He has two children Marlon and Ancelle. They live in Southern California. When he is not dreaming of new ideas, he enjoys creating through words and images.

About the Illustrator
Amelia Haru is a painter and illustrator living in Los Angeles. Her works are fragments of stories, often inspired by feelings she can't describe in words. For more about Amelia, visit

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